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Bresaola Mottolini is the masterpiece of the art of cured meats in Valtellina. Savoury, nutritious, light and aromatic, Bresaola is crafted selecting the best meat, wisely dosing aromas and maturing naturally thanks to the good air of Alps.

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The fresh air of Valtellina and the variation of temperature and humidity allow a perfect maturation and are essential ingredients for Bresaola and the other Mottolini cured meats that are naturally tender and delicate. We are proud that our headquarters are in such a paradise land, pure and uncontaminated, in between the smooth bends of Poggiridenti, at the base of the famous terraced vines named “Inferno” that give origin to excellent wines, and where nature and the microclimate contribute to the uniqueness of our products.


Slinzega is considered one of the best products even though it is obtained from the less fine part of the beef’s leg muscles. Its size and the characteristic mycelium give to this product the original flavor and taste of Bresaola.


From the different cuts of beef back, following the traditional process, you obtain a small size product that can be offered in several references: the classic slice, the Nostranella and the product with net. Identical meat but different use: ideal solution to satisfy all customers.

Bresaola equina

From the selection of some cuts of the horse’s leg we can obtain a rich and persistent flavor product, dry and fragrant, which is highly appreciated by some bresaola estimators.

Prosciuttino al pepe

From the fore rib of the leg you can obtain the “Fiocchetto” which is covered with black pepper and which is particularly suitable for those who like very tasty food.


Bovinetto is a beef salami made of bovine meat enriched with a blend of natural flavors. It is easy to cut both with a knife or a slicer. The product is available whole, ideal for Horeca and Retail market.

We asked
big-Chefs of well-known restaurants in Valtellina (and not only)
to create recipes with our bresaola.
Results are amazing...

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