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Craftsmen of flavour since 1986

Craftsmen of flavour since 1986

We have been producing bresaola at Poggiridenti, in the Valtellina, since 1986. Fired by passion, we have created our business in a unique location, which has traditionally derived its wealth from farming, wine-making and the production of choice quality cured meats. Excellent products, derived from knowledge as ancient as our land itself.


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Mottolini Bresaola is a masterpiece of the Valtellina meat-curing art.

Mottolini Bresaola is made by meticulous hand-processing, as tradition requires, by the family themselves. From selection of the finest leg of beef cuts to skilful trimming of the meat, and from rubbing during the salting process to the use of just the right amount of flavours and spices. Every processing phase is a genuine ritual, sourced from antique recipes handed down over the years with passion and professionalism.

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Mottolini Bresaola

Valtellina, a land of excellence

The clean, fresh air of the Valtellina and the right variations in temperature and humidity ensure optimal curing and are essential ingredients for the choice quality of Mottolini Bresaola and the firm's other cured meats, with their natural softness and delicate flavour. We are proud to have established our processing facility in a pure, pristine corner of paradise, in the gentle Poggiridenti hills, at the feet of the famous terraced vineyards known as Inferno, which provide the grapes for wines of excellence and where nature and the wonderful micro-climate help to make our products unique.


Mottolini x AmbriaJazz: the music festival starts again on 29 June


Mottolini x AmbriaJazz, supporting culture and territory.


Mottolini at Cibus: "The Future? Innovation, Tradition and Territory"


The 2024 edition of Cibus, the International Food Exhibition that took place at the Parma Fair, has just ended.


Salumificio Mottolini at "Real Italian Wine & Food" in London


We are pleased to announce our participation in "Real Italian Wine & Food", an event that will take place on April 30th at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London.



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Find out about L'Originaria Bresaola, a new product concept focused on the raw material and its healthy qualities, with a special awareness of questions of animal welfare.

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