Mottolini Bresaola

How a masterpiece of the Valtellina meat curing art is born.

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Mottolini Bresaola is created by meticulous hand-processing, as tradition requires, by the family themselves. From selection of the best cuts of meat to skilful trimming. From rubbing during the salting process to the use of just the right amount of the natural flavours and spices. Every processing phase is a genuine ritual, sourced from antique recipes handed down over the years.

The clean, fresh air of the Valtellina and the right variations in temperature and humidity ensure optimal curing and are essential ingredients for the choice quality of Mottolini Bresaola, with its bright colour, natural softness and unique, delicate flavour.


Selection and trimming

Careful selection of the raw material is essential for production of a quality Bresaola. Every single piece of meat is meticulously chosen. Our master curers assess the cut and trim it, as and when necessary, with skill and precision.

Salting and rubbing

The meat is dry-salted. It is rubbed with salt and natural flavourings, their quantities a jealously guarded secret drawn from ancient recipes. The product starts to acquire personality, with unique, subtle flavours and aromas.

Slow, natural curing

Flavoured by the rubbing mixture, the meat is put inside a gut casing and moves on to the drying phase. Here it loses liquid in preparation for the curing phase. The fungal mycelium which protects the product and generates its distinctive fragrance develops on its surface.



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