Bresaola della Valtellina PGI by Mottolini

Light but tasty, rich in noble proteins, mineral salts and vitamins, handcrafted in compliance with the criteria laid down in the relevant specifications.

This is Mottolini's Bresaola della Valtellina PGI, a cured meat that, for the past 30 years and handing down the secrets from father to son, we have been processing to perfection and with the utmost care, starting with the selection of the meat, up to its trimming, salting, spicing and seasoning.

Bresaola della Valtellina PGI is a perfect product, increasingly loved nationally and known throughout the world, appreciated - not only for its exceptional taste and aroma - but also for its valuable nutritional characteristics: a highly digestible cured meat that is perfect for low-calorie diets, an expression of the territory and the ancient knowledge of our valleys.

Bresaola della Valtellina PGI Mottolini is a tasty cured meat with an important texture, delicious to be enjoyed like this, simply in a sandwich, as well as being particularly suitable for the preparation of a variety of recipes and therefore increasingly chosen also by the catering industry and, more generally, by the HORECA channel.

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Find out about L'Originaria Bresaola, a new product concept focused on the raw material and its healthy qualities, with a special awareness of questions of animal welfare.

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