La Fassona Bresaola

La Fassona Bresaola

Our excellence is called bresaola la Fassona, created exclusively with national meat of the Piemontese breed selected from herds of animals registered in the dedicated herd book. The tenderness, taste and colour, characteristics of the raw material, can be found in the finished product, thanks to the careful processing of the cuts, the delicate massage, according to tradition and the use of natural aromas to enhance the quality of this excellent italian meat. The slice, always tender and delicate, melts in the mouth and creates an unmistakable flavour. The origin and breed are guaranteed by an ISO 22005 certified traceability system.

La Fassona Bresaola


Via Lozzoni, 5, 23020
Poggiridenti (SO)
Partita IVA: 00622710143

Phone: +39 0342 564070


Find out about L'Originaria Bresaola, a new product concept focused on the raw material and its healthy qualities, with a special awareness of questions of animal welfare.

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