Roger's Recipes

Roger's Recipes originate from an inspired idea by Salumificio Mottolini, which asked its friend, the Chef and famous cheese-maker Ruggero Massari, known as Roger, owner of the Caseificio di Crema dairy, to invent delicious yet easy recipes, all made from choice quality ingredients.

Master Chefs interpret Bresaola

Some of the Valtellina's top Chefs offer their versions of Mottolini Bresaola. With creativity and good taste, they have invented a series of refined recipes which anyone can make.

Smoked Bresaola Tartare

Valtellina PGI Bresaola millefeuille

Gnocchi with Bitto cheese and La Fassona Bresaola

Buckwheat and Extra Bresaola Crackers

Linguine with Bresaola Extra carbonara

La Fassona Bresaola Tartare



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Find out about L'Originaria Bresaola, a new product concept focused on the raw material and its healthy qualities, with a special awareness of questions of animal welfare.

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